Building Folding Room Dividers Bi-Fold Doors

Double bi-fold doors create simple folding room dividers when joined with two hinges. Anyone with the most basic skills using a drill can make your own room divider of these ports. This craft is the ideal opportunity to recycle old cabinet doors after refurbishment. Paint or stain the door to match your decor or cover with fabric or cork tiles.

Directions to build folding room dividers bi-fold doors: to stack two sets of doors on the work surface so that the upper and lower doors are the same. Stacking the door to the hinges for each set of ports is on the same side of the stack. Look at the side of the stack opposite the door hinges and you will see the four edges of the doors.

Measure 1 foot down from the top and from the bottom upwards at the two edges of the central door and to a line for the measurements. Open a hinge line and the top edge with hinge line on the edges of the two central ports. Hold the hinge with one hand and attach it to the door with the screws included with a drill. Lift the doors at the end and paint, stain or decorate the folding room dividers as desired.