Smart Design Cordless Roman Shades

Cordless roman shades are the new kid on the block and they are taking the block by storm. Remove all the old problems with corded roman shades like never being straight to name one of the major defects. Well many problems have been solved with the introduction of wireless roman shade to the delight of a crowd of homeowners who liked the look of the Romans, but could not stand the constant concern with cables to keep even. Here are my five reasons why I love the new cordless roman shades:

Not a month goes by that we do not hear of a child strangling themselves with a blind cord. It is a shame because it is such an easy solution. For most of the shutters of the technology has been around for a while, for cordless roman shades this is the first year in which the option is available. Leveler came with the wireless option this spring. Now cordless roman shades are safe for small children to play nearby. In the bottom rail there is a small triangular plastic tab that fits comfortably between the fingers. Capturing this tab hand upward or downward moves and the cordless roman shades below.