Make a Standing Coat Rack with Recycled Materials

Make your own standing coat rack with recycled materials is a tribute to their creativity and concern for the planet and your wallet —. This layer is very convenient; it can be finished in about three hours and can become a favorite topic of conversation. Check the post at the desired height in standing coat rack. I saw too much, and sand all rough edges. Drill holes in the desired post levels for their hooks, and screw the hooks in place.

Preparing quick-setting cement with water according to package directions. Fill the bucket with the concrete mix to 3 inches below the rim. Cover the bowl with a lid, and turn the bucket upside down. Solve the cube of concrete that gives several good shots in standing coat rack.

Now cut the circle drawn by hand with a knife. Before the concrete has the ability to set, insert the pole into this hole, and straighten vertically. Allow the concrete to set for an hour or two. You may need to temporarily support the vertical post with heavy objects (stones, blocks, books). Then spray paint pole and bucket, and let it dry in standing coat rack.