Popular Design Strand Bamboo Flooring

has gained popularity recently due to aesthetics and durability. Some particular brands of bamboo flooring have double the strength and endurance than any other flooring option available. Most strand bamboo flooring is filleted, kiln dried and then boiled. These processes are what make bamboo dense enough floor and keep out termites and other insects.

There are three main options for strand bamboo flooring. There are two basic styles which relate to the way you want the floor to be established. The third option is called “woven strand,” and this option has more to do with the durability and scratch resistance. ¬†Strand woven strand bamboo flooring is produced from excess after filleting the stems. The additional threads are interwoven with resin and compressed into a new type of wood that is naturally resistant to moisture, UV light and scratches. Aluminum oxide, a hard ceramic coating is typical flooring manufacturers use to protect your product. It is a good choice for strand bamboo flooring option and allows a friendly environment with a laminate floor. If you do your research and buy good quality flooring from a reputable company, you will end up with a strong durable plant, which must withstand even the naughtiest dogs or furniture.