Making Diy Roman Shades to Decorate the House

One of the elements that give it a more personal touch to the different areas of the home are certainly shades as well as an original lamp; which come in many shapes and sizes. One of the most popular in the world for its elegant design are diy roman shades, which are characterized by combining with any decor and so generate fit perfect in all environments of home.

Procedure to make diy roman shades are hold the strip of wood on the window with screws. Cut the fabric with cloth as 5 cm at the sides and bottom and top. Then do four seams accurate measurement. Measure the length and divide it into several sections 20 to 30 cm, as well as mark parallel lines on top. Sew over the tape lines closing at one end and freeing the other. Sew plastic rings 5 cm spacing 20-40 cm.

Then sew the Velcro on the top of the screen and paste the other side with contact cement. Then the pins are placed in the bar at equal distance from the rings. Cut the cord into three parts. Finally, to make diy roman shades, spend Pythons. Bar and paste Velcro.