Modern Wall Clock

Modern Wall Clock-Painting wall clock is a unique combination between the mural and the clock gives you a unique, modern and functional. Paintings can clock hanging in the living room, bedroom, and hallway stairs. Paintings clock is made from high-grade fine wood (MDF), melamine that features high scratch resistance, not deformed. Premium Paper PP print, print high quality images, without blurring, an image, a protective film glossy, matte water-resistant, anti-fly color tot. Ban just married or your family has just moved to a new house and still wondered what to hang on the wall to reduce the emptiness to his lovely house.

modern wall clock combined with painting of wall clocks, the combined 2 in 1 reduces the area of ​​the house for other purposes. Many different painting patterns, many different types of watches, you are spoiled

Meter mural is the new trend today, the house you become modern Eurasian style. modern wall clock  always invent new products and the impression, listening to customers and thermal properties consulting with professional team of course, fast. There are lots of sample paintings, paintings single, collages or paintings sent to Pieter you. Many beautiful designs fancy watches with competitive electricity system led in clear day or night.