Making a Children’s Diy Coat Rack

The bedroom of the children often becomes a landscape of creative chaos with piles of clothes and toys scattered on the floor. An original and solid diy coat rack stand with a tree will be the best partner to maintain order in the children’s room getting smaller fun gathering her things. Instead of sheets, this leads tree wood jackets, bags or dolls scale occasionally by its branches.

Steps to make diy coat rack: grab MDF wooden board 75 x 100 cm and helping with square and bevel, draw a grid of 10 cm spacing between the vertical and horizontal lines across the surface. Transfer the template tree to the table in the most accurate way possible. Do not forget to also draw the base and the triangular stabilizers to the rack just keep standing.

Then use the Dremel DSM20 with multipurpose cutting short drive DSM 500 wooden board along the lines of the template tree. Smooth the edges with sandpaper. Once you have the trunk with branches and cut support pieces, assemble the entire structure of diy coat rack tree and attach with wood glue. Then give it a smooth layer of acrylic paint or combine different colors and patterns to create your own design. Let everything dry.