How to Build a Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

Wall mounted magazine rack, magazines are great to look at the articles, but when they are spread across the top of a table, they can be clutter. A good way to show your favorite magazines and keep them available for easy access is to use a magazine rack mounted on a wall. When you design and build your own magazine rack, you can create one that matches your decor and looks attractive on the wall. This is the approximate shape of the side parts. And things you’ll need are plywood (at least 36 cm wide and 16 cm high), finishing nails, saw, pencil, measuring tape, sandpaper, hammer, drill, and also two long screws (2 to 3 inches).

And related to build Directions wall mounted magazine rack, please follow these directions. First of all draw the pattern for all parts in plywood. The back is a rectangle 14 cm wide and 16 cm high. The front will be 14 cm wide and 8 cm. The fund will be a rectangle 14 cm long and 4 1/2 inches wide. The sides are a little more complex. The edge of the side parts that attach to the back is 16 cm long. The upper half should be 1 inch wide and 8 cm long. From the end of the upper half, leaving another 3 inches, and then taper down to the lower edge of the side piece, which should be 2 inches wide. Then cut the front, back and bottom pieces. After that, use finishing nails to attach the piece of 16-inch edge back to the 16-inch edge of the side pieces.

Next, use finishing nails to attach the 8-inch piece of ledge with the sloping edge of the side pieces. There will be a small opening at the bottom. That’s nice. Then, use finishing nails to attach the bottom to the lower edges of the side and back pieces. Moreover, sand all the edges until smooth. After that, paint or stain the magazine rack and let dry. Furthermore, locate the wall studs in the wall area you intend to mount the magazine rack. Drill holes in the magazine rack so that they will align with the stallion. You may want to make a hole in the top and lower back. The small space in front of the magazine rack should allow you to operate a drill through it. And the last is that insert the screws through the holes in the magazine rack and wall stud. Finally, that’s all about wall mounted magazine rack that can I share for this time. Thank you.