Decorating Small Open Living Room

When designing and decorating small open living room area of kitchen, living room and dining room is important to distinguish between the three areas. This makes the open space feel more organized. The open areas are common in the apartment’s type loft and houses designed with large spaces. Working with these areas may seem difficult at first, but with a proper decoration plan becomes a job easy.

To decorating small open living room, add a gourmet decor kitchen area. For example, a bowl of fruit on the kitchen countertops near. If your home does not regularly eat fruit, plastic fruit can replace the fresh. Openly displays items such as kitchen toaster, blender, and coffee to further differentiate this space.

Connect the decorating small open living room and kitchen with a combination of colors and small decorative items. For example, create a red hue using a red couch, a red tablecloth on the dining table and kitchen utensils in red. Another option is to place mats do play covering all three areas. When working with an open space linking the spaces using color. Other decorative elements such as tables also joined the three zones.