Tropical Curtains Decor

Tropical curtains – Shells strung decorations can be a pleasant reminder of the tropics in your home. They strung the shells are easy to work. They can provide the perfect summery touch to any decor. Decorate a framework for photos, curtains hang them, enróscalas a vase or use them as wallpaper edges. Although the nearest beach is out of sight, use the shells strung to give your home a loving touch ocean.

Tropical curtains measures under you will wrap strung shells. The frames that work well for this are clear plastic compounds for woven materials such as straw or simply wooden frames. Measure the length of shells strung you’re using. The rope should be measured as well as the perimeter frame and a fourth. Fix the rope around the frame for a preview of the result.

Tropical curtains the shells should fall attractively. None should get out of the perimeter. Large shells will look great in the corners. Glue or staple the rope to the frame and cut the end of the rope. Put extra glue on the end of the rope so it does not take off. Put additional glue under the shells too.