How to Clean Kitchen Floor Tiles Designs

If the kitchen floor tiles designs that are new and have not cleaned the right way can easily obscure, that is why sometimes it is best cleaned with mild products. This not only made ​​sure not to stain the tiles with abrasive chemical products.

How to clean kitchen floor tiles designs: remove dust from the walls with a soft, clean cloth (we can also use a duster to remove dust). Two buckets filled with warm water and add one or two drops of soap or clean floors. If the walls are very dirty, we can use a spray can but we have buckets.

Sprayed water to wash over the wall and clean the surface with a soft cloth, use a soft brush to remove dirt from the union of the tiles teeth. Now you only have to rinse with clean water and dry the tiles with a towel or clean cloth.

Now that you know how to clean the kitchen floor tiles designs, you just have to follow some tips to keep them shiny, and dry them with a towel or clean cloth for brightness and avoid using acidic cleaner’s base.