Gorgeous Granite Countertop Edges

If you are thinking of installing a granite countertop edges, there are several design ideas to keep in mind before you start. Specific color different from granite quarry, Some of most common colors are gray granite, black and brown, but they are also green, blue, red and even pink granite (all of which can range from very light to very dark).  Dark granite tones are best suited for kitchens, mainly white and black, especially when cabinet faces are light in color and black cabinet handles and knobs and drawers. A light-colored marble or granite speckled (which is dotted with dark spots) works well with faces of cabinet have darker finishes, while gray granite or metallic color blends well with stainless steel.

Most granite countertop edges are made of granite slabs, or large cuts of natural stone. However, according to cocina-contra-tops.net, while granite slabs have a natural and rustic appearance, which also tend to have natural patterns or designs are irregular and difficult to combine with other countertop materials (making it difficult to install a kitchen island to play later). One solution to this problem is to use granite tiles. Besides being less expensive than granite slabs, tiles can be incorporated more easily in kitchen designs. Installing granite countertop edges is relatively easy: just stick tiles with epoxy and then fill gaps with a sealer.