How to Build a Simple Outdoor Potting Bench

Outdoor potting bench are designed to take the pain from potting plants. They allow gardeners to work with your foot plants, rather than bend or kneel on the floor filling their pots with soil. Generally, hermetic sealing banks are similar to building a table with a hole at the top for securing the hub in potting soil, making it easily accessible. Making your own simple potting bench is relatively easy if you have basic carpentry know-how.

Cut the plywood into a rectangle about 21 by 39 centimeters from the top of the potting bench and a rectangle 24 by 42 centimeters platform outdoor potting bench. Place the bucket potting face down in the middle of the top of the outdoor potting bench and trace around the edges.

Turn the frame upside down, sideways plywood on the work surface. Place the legs vertically on the outside of each end of the shorter sides of the structure. Connect with two wood screws 2 inches on each leg. Place the shelf piece of plywood on top of the fastening systems and secure with finishing nails through the top of the platform in the cleats. Outdoor potting bench varnish to finish.