Best Roof Truss Design

A myriad of different designs of roof truss design there, ranging from simple to complex. In nearly 80 percent of new homes builders hold ceiling rafters, which are triangulated wooden structures made in a factory and then shipped to whole work.  Trusses have almost completely replaced traditional beams and joists framing house roof. Most are prefabricated in factories, but owners can build their own armor for best construction techniques and ease of installation.

Basic types

Two basic types of roof truss design are (in line or parallel) truss common (or tone) truss and floor. Trusses inclined, most common design, triangular-shaped. Flat trusses have a flat top, with parallel top and bottom chords.


Popular varieties of common frames, name of its various web configurations, including Fink, fan, and king post trusses. Scissor trusses are popular for cathedral ceilings. Other designs include arch truss frame, rope, gambrel, as queen, hip step down, northern light, Pratt, Warren pending framework and trusses.


Factors aesthetics, functionality, cost and climate help determine which armor is best option roof truss design. Trusses used flat steel braces and allow easy installation of insulation in attic, but are more expensive and less efficient than common trusses. Chord raised heel trusses and more reduced energy efficiency, providing a vapor barrier and allows full attic insulation.