Brilliant Ideas under Counter Refrigerator

Under counter refrigerator – the essential appliance in your houses and most of you are responding to in your opinion is the refrigerator. I agree that it is a basic essential, but perhaps it could change its format. If we think we refrigerator in a separate module of the kitchen, tall and bulky and some way or other crafted imagine all the more or less equal  But there are other solutions that can be very interesting, as the refrigerator under counter. Low furniture makes the kitchen appear larger and under-counter refrigerator allowed us to extend the work surface in the kitchen, and includes elements in it like an island or a peninsula.

Often however small kitchen first thought is put on it a large fridge which occupies a lot of space and we are left room for other things, but other options such as refrigerated drawers placed under counter refrigerator , maybe we could raise other best design options.

Without going further into my house the kitchen is very small and high refrigerator by changing the cooling drawers could expand the area of food preparation and maybe even could put a peninsula, and refrigerators precisely those drawers under counter refrigerator that is an idea that I love. Is not this a brilliant alternative?