Stylish 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

4 drawer lateral file cabinet in length are available in some models. Lateral files are not too heavy, and they can be stacked on each other to use more space. However, these workbooks can get stuck as easily as their more vertical cousins. Obtain trays is not blocked is a very similar process, though.  Check lock to ensure that lateral file is not locked. Try to open a locked drawer may give impression that it is stuck, but if you have key, easy to open.

Take 4 drawer lateral file cabinet above stuck drawer lateral file cabinet. If you can see down into stuck drawer then you might be able to do problem. For example, if a file that exceeded too high, it may be blocking drawer to open. If you can fix jam and replace top drawer when you have finished file drawer of release.

Push and pull on drawer gently stuck. If 4 drawer lateral file cabinet glides smoothly so it’s a track. If tray does not slide easily, he may have dropped track that can be opened. Use a pry bar to lift drawer and then slid all tracks in place if you can. Some cabinets have a makeup that will not allow you to search for them, but others are easier to slip into tools.