Unique Folding Chair Rack

Folding chair rack, it was being used as shelf, definitely something different and striking, but not much sense. Good or bad idea? Use a chair as a shelf on the wall. So I started thinking about pros and cons, really the only advantage is the originality of the idea on an aesthetic level, the rest are almost all disadvantages.

On the one hand the lost functionality of the chair and also on the wall takes up much more space than a regular shelf, a small area to provide support and storage area that is the seat itself. I thought the chair looks small; perhaps the idea is hanging folding chair rack as our children used when they were children once they no longer serve because they have already grown.

I think I’d rather give small for a friend or family member who is younger children for them to take advantage, instead of folding chair rack wall, but if we look for something to attract attention, something that a touch unlike a stay, it is a curious and cheap option we can consider … To you what you think? Do you try to install a chair on the wall of a room?