Best Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Think of Fireproof Filing Cabinets to protect them is almost always a good idea. Because, sometimes documents are stored in a file are as important as any damage they suffer could be important because fire is always lurking…

But within these fireproof filing cabinets there is a huge variety in market. A variety that begins, first, with its size and shape, but also extends to their characteristics. Most basic fireproof cabinets protect fire inside. Armored cabinets, plus fire safeguard, protect inside against theft and prying eyes. Some models may undergo as building collapses, so they are ideal for storing most important documents.

Principal features of fireproof filing cabinets are to protect against fire. Therefore, they are ideal for storing them valuables that want to protect or important documents. They have different levels of fire resistance, ranging from 15 minutes to 120. During this time, depending on level you have, cabinet ensures that interior will not achieve an increase in temperature greater than 180 ° Kelvin. To make it possible, these fireproof cabinets are made ​​of insulating materials and noncombustible. Finally, combination cabinets added this type of encryption, typical safes, for total protection. No doubt, they are best way to certain documents in a safe place.