Making Your Own Outdoor Futon Cover

Protect your futon mattress and redecorate your room by making a simple outdoor futon cover. While his futon mattress may not be easy to clean, a cover can be removed quickly and machine washable. You can also change the entire look of your room simply by putting on a cover or cover up stains or tears in her futon mattress. Although buying an outdoor futon cover can be expensive, so one is not.

Measures your futon mattress and sheets purchase that match these dimensions. The average outdoor futon cover need two flat sheets to cover full size. Wash and iron the sheets. Place them, right sides and pin along three sides. Sew the sides, leaving a seam allowance 5/8 “.

Cut the ribbon into eight “7 pieces. Fold both sides of each tape 1/8” and stitch to prevent fraying. Sew the ribbons on his sleeve open edge to bond. Make four marks on the open edge of the sleeve so that the bonds will be distributed evenly. Sew ties so one is on top and one at the bottom, joining about 1 “of the tie to her sleeve to ensure stability. Place the outdoor futon cover over her futon and tie closed.