Stylish Fireproof File Cabinet

Fireproof file cabinet is a cabinet with drawers or shelves for preserving valuable documents and other safety items in case of fire. Fireproof cabinets are designed not only to protect valuables from being burned by fire, but also to protect them from damage caused by water or chemicals used to fight against fire.

Fireproof file cabinet comes in a variety of sizes and styles. For a consumer who has only a few documents to protect, fireproof boxes are available that can only contain a few important documents or jewelry. Fireproof file cabinets are used both by consumers and professional offices. Cabinets can be found in both vertical and lateral models, usually in two-door models and four doors. Drawers are designed to either letter or legal size documents. For storing important documents several boxes, fireproof cabinets are available as large as 72 inches, usually containing adjustable shelves. Fireproof cabinets usually also offer high security locks for extra protection of valuables.

Fireproof file cabinet are a wise investment for anyone who wants to keep objects safe irreplaceable. For consumers, fireproof cabinets keep important documents protected against fire, water, impact and explosion. Very important papers should protect consumers include birth certificates, marriage or death certificates, car titles, property deeds, stocks, bonds and living wills.