Special Ideas Polywood Outdoor Furniture

Today, we will speak about polywood outdoor furniture, first of all, what is polywood? Polywood is name of a company that manufactures structural plastic components and plastic furniture using recycled plastics. Plastic milk containers and industrial waste and recycled polywood, brand name for material. finished products are made to look like real wood. Polywood is widely used in green building industry because it is sustainable. material is environmentally friendly and contributes to destruction of world’s forests.

Polywood outdoor furniture can be easily formed on furniture using fixing components of commercial grade stainless steel and has an additional protection and aesthetic coating. You can cut and pierce in different ways to terraces and furniture that will last a lifetime. A range of colors and styles are available and a variety of designs of wood give wood a real wood-like finish. non-porous surface prevents discoloration and other damage caused by natural elements. Timber comes with a five year warranty for residential use and a one year warranty for structural use.

Polywood outdoor furniture is stronger and lasts longer than real wood (both treated and untreated). Polywood does not warp or splinter like wood makes it real. Corrosion and problems with mold, rodents, insects, marine worms and parasites that are common enemies of wood polywood not affect. Material is also durable and resistant to extreme heat, cold and acid.