Stylish Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors are durable, resistant and lightweight. It allows quiet operation and precise movements of door. You will not have heat, cold or suffer inclement weather. The surface has a superior design that lasts many years. The quality standard ensures safe operation and protection of personal and material damage. Moreover, all components undergo a precise review.

Garage doors are made of aluminum and may be isolated or not isolated. After installation of the garage door, the weather-stripping around the door will help seal it. By buying weather-stripping, choose a product that has been tested in accordance with UL Standard 10C and place around the entire door. With aluminum garage doors can apply their architectural style to the entire work. The design concept includes the facade and the door, creating a harmonious and transparent manner. This door optimally meets the most exclusive desires.

Today there are many possibilities for the facades lining: aluminum garage doors high quality is presented in a range of equally wide variations. For coating materials can be used such as wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and many others, always according to your ideas. The basis for facade cladding is an industrial sectional door ALR 40, aluminum-coated panels. Industrial doors are especially stable and have been designed for reliable continuous operation.