Creative Horizontal File Cabinet Paint

Once the horizontal file cabinet is painted, no longer you have to be relegated to a piece of office furniture. It can fit well in almost any room in the house. Paint a file and give it a new purpose in life. Who says that a cabinet has to store paper files? Painting and reused to store whatever you want. If you choose a color that matches the walls, you can make the file in the decoration of the room get a cheap bed tray at a discount store or resale and paint it the same color as the blend horizontal file cabinet. Place it on top of the cabinet and create a side table placed next to a chair, armchair or sofa. Store the remote controls, magazines and newspapers and use the matching bed tray for snacks and pop corn ready for television and movies.

You can Show creativity by adding different materials to the horizontal file cabinet before painting. Having bead board or plywood cut to the upper walls of the cabinet or drawer in center lumberyard or home improvement wood. You can use an epoxy or an adhesive which adheres to the metal as E-6000. Or paint the cabinet first and then use wallpaper to cover the drawers.