Making Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Outdoor bamboo blinds – If you have a readily available supply of bamboo, you should consider making your own bamboo blinds outdoors. These are great for a patio or covered gazebo, where you want to block some of the hot summer sun. If you have a sharp saw, you can make your own to hang with pride.

Outdoor bamboo blinds cut the bamboo so it is the desired length to the width of the blind. Try to keep the size of the bamboo as similar as possible to look even when they all intertwine. You must use a fine-toothed saw this as a miter saw or a hacksaw.

The outdoor bamboo blinds do one of the largest pieces of bamboo sections 3 ropes to tie it. The cords should be three times longer than the length of the shadow. Fold in half and cover them on the pole at the halfway mark. Tie a simple knot. You should have two strings at the ends, about 6 inches in and one in the middle. Put the pole down with ropes to you. Keep the lower chain down on the floor and lift the top rope and place it on top of the pole.