Ideas Special Custom Roman Shades

Custom roman shades are much better on smooth fabrics with prints. Anyway, if you want to choose a pattern always prefer small prints, which remain uninterrupted by folds when curtain is raised. design of straight and clean, with low volume, lines make it ideal for modern and minimalist decoration.  Preferred colors are clear; preferably land or raw but if you use a strong color shade can do so provided that does not generate an imbalance with rest of decor.

Most common fabrics for custom roman shades are cotton, wool, brocade or Jacard. But there are also jute and bamboo. Use in each room will depend partly to material they are made, for example: jute or cotton is best in informal places like kitchen or bathroom; wool, brocade or more Jacard used in living rooms and dining rooms.

After placing Roman shade can be folded at different heights as required, offering different levels path length and decorative variants. For their decorative richness and its simple lines, you can achieve interesting results if a Roman curtain other combined. A custom roman shades will be merged into each leaf of door and window, a classic curtain. Roman curtain serves to protect privacy and classical curtain contributes to decoration and filters passage of light if required