Ideas for Crafts with Outdoor Oscillating Fan

Customize and give color to your oscillating fan favorite for the essential purpose of this summer is not just another boring appliance for your home. When an outdoor oscillating fan means which can move forward and backward. These devices were first developed in the early twentieth century and the oscillation feature usually allows the fan 180 degrees from side to side to move.

With some skills in arts and crafts you can transform your simple fan in a colorful addition to your home. You can choose two or more colors of acrylic craft paint to brighten the fan blades, which can be both plastic and metal. Remember to turn off the outdoor oscillating fan before starting to unscrew the casing to access the blades. Each blade with clean water and use a towel to dry.

You can dress your outdoor oscillating fan to look like a margarita or other large flower petals. For a margarita, you can cut strips of white paper that are about 0.3m long with a rounded top. Align them around the fan housing and then can choose to paste in place or unscrew the housing and place the petals between sections of the front and the back.