Excellent Large Dry Erase Board

Large dry erase board is an excellent tool to display and organize information visually, but tend to be somewhat expensive. Instead of wasting money, you can do it yourself. There are alternatives that can do extraordinary with about $ 30 or less, depending on the materials you use.

Much large dry erase board is in fact not a single uniform material as described in the above method piece. Instead they are a solid core of hard and smooth material; create a smooth effect with painted with multiple coats of paint. There are a variety of materials that are suitable for these types of boards. Generally speaking, you should look for something that is durable, thin, tough, rectangular and perfectly smooth. Do not choose anything that is rough or has texture, otherwise you get an uneven surface for writing.

Although there are no rules stating that your large dry erase board should be white, traditionally are of this color for a reason: any color ink stands out against a white background. Your blackboard thoroughly coated using white paint, making sure the surface is completely covered. It would be better to wait for the base coat to dry and then you add another layer to make sure the board is thick enough.