Attractive Locker Room Bench Paint

Much more than a single seat, locker room bench can serve as a canvas to reflect local pride. Wooden benches often used are extremely robust and require little more than a quick sanding and a fresh coat of color to make them attractive and useful. An old wooden locker room bench is an ideal candidate for a facelift: one way is to disguise with flowers. Sand any rough edges and any old cracked paint of Bank; wipe down; and apply one or two coats base color. Try a creamy ivory to pale flowers pop or for larger, more exotic blooms lime. Covering a pale bank of wild flowers and pretty roses flowerheritage with help of tracing paper clippings and garden catalog. Use a template of a giant sunflower or free drawing hibiscus flower for a bank bold and bright.

Once base coat dry, transfer or draw designs of flowers on seat of Bank, with stems and leaves or vines winding down legs. Paint seat, legs and second edges of Bank. Seal with a clear protective layer when dry and then put bank in a corner of garden Florida. On a hot summer day, guests can enjoy stumbling across a locker room bench.