Recovering Pads Outdoor Lounger

Pads outdoor lounger spent stain and fade after a few years of use. Generally the structures of the furnishings are still in good condition, but the cushions are simply not attractive. Purchased cushions can be costly and many times the color or pattern that will work with the ideas that you have in mind is not available. Visit the nearest fabric store and choose a good useful material, especially if the tissue is in liquidation.

Examine the old pad outdoor lounger. Is the foam or the filling in good condition? If not, measures and purchase new foam pad or padding. Check to be sure that the new filling of the cushions is designed for outdoor use. Measure the old pad lounger to determine the size needed. Purchase the required size, leave a little extra to fit stripes or patterns and make ties to secure the cushions under the chair.

Make a pattern outdoor lounger on the paper. New foam cut pattern newspaper. Cut the fabric with the drawn pattern. Cut the fabric for ties. Velcro sewn on both sides of the open end of the cushion. Sew the seams of the fabric, leaving an open end to fill, and turn to the right.