Chic Brick Wall Texture

On this occasion, we propose to introduce one or more brick wall texture, leaving uncoated. It is a decorative technique that gives us an original, modern and chic ambience. This type of coating combines perfectly with styles: industrial and rustic. The integration of other materials such as wood, steel or concrete creates a perfect harmony. Also distinctive elements such as pillows or rugs or large tables end to complete the look.

Brick wall texture has the disadvantage of absorbing a lot of light, for this reason we choose to paint. Light colors give more light and dark (gray, black) are more original and modern take us away from the concept of a cold and sober aesthetic. Listing top brick interior paint!

Another decorative option that we provide brick wall texture is the recovery of ancient walls and walls of old houses. We may be inclined to carry out a real restoration of an old wall that hides behind the original plaster or bricks to simulate this effect. In such walls we can observe material imperfections and small spots.

This decorative element is a great resource for many home stays. Natural or painted, combined with smooth walls or tiles. There are all sorts of possible combinations to get the most out of brick in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.