Curved Outdoor Bench

Curved Outdoor Benchface value, there are many types of wood with a huge price difference – a few million to a few tens of millions  dish. You distinguish it liken Vietnam the grouped timber group 1, group 2 was precious wood, marble well as hybrids, sandalwood, red wood, monitoring, yew, mahogany and as time goes on 3, 4, 5  are often more wood like oak group, Xian Training From 6 onwards group often called on wood – wood mediocre, bad as jackfruit wood, rubber, eucalyptus

General provisions, curved outdoor bench classification or group by way of reason and are based on characteristics of timber and market factors – consumer preferences for color, so beautiful, little deformation features, and reliability.

With good curved outdoor bench wood, the core usually has red, yellow, brown; section combining the white or pale yellow. To create a modern identity and forth to each other between the core and sense, “technology” of workers drawing varnish will this outsourcing. If the eye cannot wrong planet. As soon as the timber is often mediocre, not dark or so but through “technology painted” onto the surface of the product becomes good furniture. To distinguish, can see both sides of the product.