Ideal Towel Bar Height

The towel bar height is purely based on personal preference, although the number of towel bars that are looking to install in your bathroom can also dictate placement. While there is a high bar towel general rule, there are a number of factors that may change the exact height of the towel bars. Towel bar come in many shapes, sizes and materials, such as brass, steel or ceramic.

The standard towel bar height is 48 inches from the finished floor material. For the average individual, this puts the towel bar around chest height, although high or low a person can change is how the measures against its staff bar height. The actual towel bar can be placed anywhere you feel comfortable with it.

Double bars can be placed wherever your personal preference dictates. For example, you might have a towel bar height standard towel placed on the outside of the shower with a second bar at the same height along the first bar or stepped above or below the main bar. They can also be installed on top of the other, with a bar to the waist and the other bar installed 2 or 3 feet higher on the wall.