Latest Trend Storage Container Houses

The latest trend in the design of storage container houses, meets the design you want: a simple life, reduce clutter, being aware of the environment, building a home on a budget, and the opportunity to do something completely different, modern and that is the envy of its neighbors.

There are other practical aspects of life in Storage Container Houses. Your house will be fireproof maintenance and low. You can live in a container house almost anywhere, and save it while you are away. Even better, the smaller houses containers can move with you. Modular housing containers can be: simply stacking two or three or more, as needed

If you make major cuts and changes in the container, it is probably a good idea to consult experts. The long vertical walls are in a container and needs strengthening if cut through windows or doors. Planning requires electrical and plumbing professionals, especially to pass licensing requirements and planning. If all this sounds too complicated, choosing a storage container houses. There is a good range of companies creating storage containers prefabricated houses for all budgets. The hybrid architecture offers prefabricated container houses $ 29,500. Nomad C192 model below $ 59,500 and consists of a container 24 “with 192 square feet of living space.