How to Make a Portable Fire Pits

Portable fire pits, everyone likes a warm fire to sit around. This is one of the main attractions of a camp and similar activities. Many people like to have a fire in the house fund to enjoy this feeling, but buying one can be expensive and they are not easy to carry. The solution is to build your own portable fire pit, which is recycled and cheap. You can take it in the trunk, for camping, or when you need to move.

And to make portable fire pits, you have to follow these directions. The first step is, you have to choose a location. Whatever where will the fire, be sure to place it away from any fuel. It should be a smooth surface away from trees or tall vegetation. Then, the second step is you have to light the fire. Make some holes in the bottom of a wheelbarrow or pan to allow increased airflow to the fire. You may want to use a coffee can down the fire to pick up the ashes.

While for the third step is that you have to put wood on the fire, alternating with the material of ignition. A good fire needs air flow, so not the timber stack too tightly. And the last step is please light and enjoy the warm fire, wherever you are. OK, finally that’s all about portable fire pits that I can hare for today. Thank you very much.