Special Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits

Outdoor pizza oven kits are a smaller version specifically designed for cooking pizzas and other breads. For the smoky flavor from the wood oven pizza at any time, use your own backyard brick oven.

For those who prefer to “do-it-yourself” outdoor pizza oven kits are available from reputable dealers and online. For the truly adventurous, the plans can be found in home centers (building supplies) as well as on the Internet. In any case, several things should be considered.

Before you begin, check with local authorities to obtain permits and required inspections. With the consent obtained, and aware of the corresponding regulations, choose a place for your outdoor pizza oven kits. Consider factors such as distance to other structures and vegetation, and the prevailing wind direction could blow smoke, the manner of your oven and ease of access.

When selecting materials, ensure that the brick, mortar, insulation and cement siding are refractory grade that is, designed to withstand higher heat to 1800 degrees F. These materials usually have a high content of calcium aluminates. Select the highest possible level. Use refractory bricks, no standard bricks. These materials may not be locally available and will have to find a supplier. The Internet is a good resource.