Epoxy Basement Floor Is Great Idea

Epoxy basement floor are a good idea because epoxy flooring is super durable, washable and economical ($ 2.50 and ft2). This makes all colors. It is placed directly on concrete slab and does not flake. Some ecological epoxy resin products contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are odorless. WE love it!

Epoxy basement floor is applied like paint, roller directly on floor (sanded or not, depending on quality of concrete). By cons, epoxy masks texture of concrete. Epoxy floor paints are ideal for concrete floors. They are scratch resistant, adheres well to concrete, and are easy to use

Before applying an epoxy basement floor, it is necessary …Polish lightly with a grinder equipped with diamond discs. Were performed two passes (two complete turns of floor) to rid concrete surface of white film – resistant and low – as impurities. This work increases porosity of material to allow good adhesion of coating. He also reveals texture, that is to say aggregates with various shapes and colors.

Then apply a primer, which can color if you want. There are many possibilities, from simplest to most elaborate. Staining using metallic pigments, for example, can give all kinds of visual effects: feeling of depth, marbling, lava flows … Depending on his ability, professional applicator can in principle offer you many options. Finish with one or more layers of clear epoxy. A clear finish exhibits at sight of concrete aggregates, giving impression of a terrazzo – an interesting finish to many parts!