How to Design Outdoor Handrails

A Outdoor Handrails is a very useful security feature for any stairway or walkway, especially outdoors where the weather can make the slippery place for pedestrians. Fortunately for those with little experience in construction, it is not very difficult to design functional and accessible outdoor handrails.

Select the posts. You need at least two poles in the design of the outdoor handrails and 4 by 4 are an excellent choice. The average height for railings is 36 inches (0.91 m) from top to bottom of the posts, but check twice holding your hand in the normal position you would like to grab the railing to find the perfect height for your handrail.

Outdoor handrails design. It is the part where the hand touches the handrail or grab when used. Generally it is constructed of at least two pieces of wood of the same length as the distance between the two poles or the entire distance of the stairs, which is longer. Plans to add a railing of the same size, but nailed to the two poles about six inches (15.24 cm) down from the top, for extra strength. This additional rail can go inside or outside of the outdoor handrails, according to your preference.