Kitchen Tile Floors with Oak Cabinets

If you do not want to undress and re-stain your oak cabinets, you can create an optical illusion to visually obscure the tone of his woodwork. In a bathroom or kitchen design, you can use the contrast between your cabinets and floors to oak cabinets are darker. Although not really change your cabinets, you can install kitchen tile floors with oak cabinets. Choose light colored kitchen tile floors with oak cabinets to look darker.

Ceramic tile is made of durable clay products and synthetic finishes that protect it from the weather, chipping and discoloration over time. Tile is designed to look like natural stone so intentionally reflects variations in color and texture. Opt for colors ceramic tiles in white, off white, eggshell, beige, light brown or sand to make oak cabinets appear darker.

Install large kitchen tile floors with oak cabinets’ means to reduce the number of grout lines and focus on their oak cabinets, not the floor. Select square tiles 4 1/4 inches or 12 inches to visually enlarge the uniformity of the ground and forcing the eye upward to the oak cabinets. Small tiles require many grout lines, creating a pattern of complex and crowded floor.