Making Poured Concrete Countertops

Sep 10th

Poured concrete countertops lend strength and style to an area outdoors. You can reduce your wallet and your design possibilities open if you make the concrete blocks yourself. Creating poured concrete countertops blocks involves pouring concrete into molds and work carefully to make sure that each block has a flat, level surface. You can personalize a few blocks decorative inlay shells, sea glass and other special objects in the concrete before it hardens.


Select the type and shape of the mold to be used.  Set the pans on a level surface and coat the inside with a thin layer of petroleum jelly or other mold release agent. Three concrete mix in a bucket or wheelbarrow with electric mixer paddles.  Use a spatula or spoon to add poured concrete countertops into the mold, spreading to every corner and filling the top.

Drag the pallet on top of the mold to smooth the surface and remove excess. Tap the pan on a hard surface several times to release air bubbles. Cover the molds with plastic and wait two days to dry, less if quick-setting poured concrete countertops are used. Turn the mold upside down, tap at the bottom and should slip out of the mold.

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