Traditional Backless Bar Stools

Oct 6th

The backless bar stools are a tradition of old. In ancient Egypt and China positions they were reserved only for large characters. In the Coliseum, the important Roman viewers often sat on stools. In Africa, stools had spiritual meanings, and were used only by chiefs and kings.

Over the years, the backless bar stools have become part of American culture. Not long ago, the three-legged stool by farmers was commonly used as a seat in milking time, as it provided a seat stable on uneven ground, where cows are milked at hand. Now, with modern methods of milking, it diminishes the importance of the stools among farmers, but lower stools are used for other purposes.

Although last backless bar stools were basically wood, some carpeted quilting or to give more beauty and comfort. Some were called “vain stools”. Women sat in these stools in their toilets while tidied and wore makeup. Now, many of the past stools sold as antiques and are used as decorative elements. According to Dr. Andrej Gutted in a report of the Technological University of Tennessee, in the grasslands of Cameroon, West Africa, the stools are carved from a solid block of wood.

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