Victorian Christmas decorations for outdoors

Oct 9th

Victorian Christmas decorations, Everyone wants to express their joy of Christmas by decorating their homes. But that may prove to be quite expensive. Yet with a little imagination and some items you may already have in your garage you can build your own home furnishings. There are two decorations I propose here. First is a big candy cane and the second one is Great Christmas tree ornaments.

And now let’s discuss one by one about Victorian Christmas decorations. The first is big candy cane. First step is please taking PVC connector U-bend and a piece of 18-inch straight pipe and glue them together. And now, take a red ribbon and bow from end engage the PVC pipe in a downward spiral, but be sure to leave white gaps in between. In the end, you will realize that you have the pattern of a candy cane. And for the last step, now it’s up to you where you put the candy cane. Can be on the ground or on the house, just use your imagination.

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And for the second decoration is Great Christmas tree ornaments. Just follow this step. First is creating the top of the Christmas tree using a disposable empty container and a playground ball. Put them together with the ball being adjacent to the open part of the container and burn them. For a more enjoyable aspect cover the container tape. Again, use your imagination. Then, the second step is paint ball in a bright color, metallic preference. And the last step is that after painting over the ball is completely dry you can hang the ball where you want it, from the eaves or home or on the lawn. Finally, that’s all about Victorian Christmas decorations that I could share. Thank you.

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